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This is a message to everyone. I have been taking singing lessons for many, many years with various singing teachers around the World, so I am not new to singing or to performing. I was classically trained at the Conservatoire de Paris, Juilliard School of Music, New York and American Institute of Music Studies in Graz under the instruction of Eleanor Steber. Even as a professional singer I still need to keep my voice in good shape, which is why I still take vocal tuition whenever I have a major performance. When I knew I was coming to England for the first part of a World tour, my agent contacted nearly all the singing teachers/vocal coaches/tutors/specialists/experts/etc, in the country by e-mail and we waited to see what came back! Boy, I’d like to show you some of the replies! Ali’s reply was straight to the point with times, days, location, prices, etc, nothing unusual, but with a very touching personal note at the end, which stuck in my mind for a very long time. I won’t go into details, but there I was in Park Slopes, Brooklyn, NY, and it made me think about my personal/professional life and me as a person/performer. So to cut a very long story short, my World tour was booked and several international phone calls later, (sorry for waking you up so early!) I had found a vocal tutor! Now, I am in England and preparing for the first leg of my World tour. Logistically, being tutored by Ali is a nightmare. Travelling time is 6 hours, 3 times a week. But, now I have met Ali and everyone at Yellow Arch, I would travel all the way around the World to be tutored by her! In all my years, I have never had such tutoring on this level. It has opened my mind and my heart and given me a new lease of life. I am singing the very best I have ever sung. My voice feels free. I have met some of her other students and what astounds me is that she has this ability to communicate to all of us on so many levels and intuitively know what we all need. I spoke to one little girl, who said she was being picked on in school, but since having singing lessons she had learned to be stronger and speak up for herself. Another student told me he had never sung in public before, but now has got a band together and performs regularly. A high school teacher who couldn’t control his classroom of ‘difficult’ students, who has now gained control and respect from his class. In the short time I have known Ali and have been meeting her students, a common message keeps coming through. They love her! She has changed their lives! And I should know, because a whole new world has just opened up for me. Three more weeks before the opening night and I am feeling very happy and confident. Thank you, Ali.

Just wanted to let you know I had a fantastic party on Saturday. The singing was a big success and a massive surprise to my parents and friends. One of my old school friends turned up after my sister contacted her on Facebook – she was in tears. Been complimented on my moves for All That Jazz, which I really enjoyed doing. My favourite though was I Don’t Know How To Love Him. I am now the proud owner of a Lloyd Webber song book with backing tracks – my husband bought it so I can carry on. I might event get to do Evita one day or Phantom LOL. Had a fantastic weekend, still on a high. Massive ‘Thank You’ to you. Really enjoyed lessons and the practice with the microphone was a big help. Would like to think our paths will cross again. I love singing more than ever. Lots of love, Kerry x

Ali, The singing lessons really paid off in the studio! I’m definitely coming back for more! Best wishes, Steve

Dear Ali, Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to sing at my birthday party! No one could believe it was me standing up there (including myself!) There is no way on this earth I could have do it without you. You are truly amazing! I’ve decided I want to have lessons every week from now on. I can’t live without them! Thank you. Trudy x

Thank you Ali for everything you’ve done for me! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you! Money can’t buy what you do! Thank you! Joe

Thank you so much for giving Brooke the confidence to sing in front of the whole school. Brooke sang Dream A Little Dream Of Me, and all the teachers told her she was so good, that’s all down to you. Thank you so much. Chris x Brooke x

Ali, I’ve just been to see ‘The King’s Speech’ and you reminded me so much of Lionel Logue the speech therapist! All your mannerisms and expressions, even the techniques! We’ve been through them all! If this wasn’t a true story, I would have said this film was based on you! The only difference was…you would have the King speaking more confidently within seconds! You Are..My Teacher, My Friend, My Family, My Life…all rolled into one! I hid all of my life. Spoke to no one. Until I met you. You have changed my life. Thank you is too simple a word. I am eternally grateful. Dave H

Dear Ali, I truely enjoyed having you as our singing teacher at norton college and was sad to see you leave, after you left we never had a stable singing teacher and this effected our classes. Your techniques were helpful and you are a breath of fresh air, I hope you are well.




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3 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Hi Ali,

    Thank you for all the amazing lessons you have given me over the last 12 years! It breaks my heart that I won’t have you as my mentor when I move to Australia. Thank you for the years of patience and above all thank you for believing in me.

    With love, Katherine x

  2. Let me just put this out there. How many of you have been told at one time or another that you can’t do this or that or you’re not good enough? That has been the story of my life. So one day I had this crazy idea that I would like to prove to my doubters that I could sing. I booked my first lesson with Ali last year and this year I took my first ever singing exam. I wasn’t entered for the Grade 1, I was entered for the Grade 5 ABRSM Classical Singing Exam. I got a DISTINCTION! Need I say more? Just THANK YOU

  3. Dearest Ali,
    I just wanted to leave a message for you and all your students who are currently taking lessons and future students thinking about taking lessons.
    I am sure present students are aware of what a warm, caring and nurturing teacher Ali is, but I wanted to tell you how much my life has been transformed by you. I can’t begin to tell you how different I am now as a person and a singer since I met you. My life was in ruins, I was on my knees and in a very dark place. You brought my sunshine back. I have had years of therapy and no one has healed me the way you have. Please appreciate what you have in this beautiful person.
    Forever grateful,

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